Buy a new or used cargo truck? This is a question that many people question since there are factors that are taken into account, such as price, durability, reliability, among others. Which of the two will be a better option? Next, will present you with 5 reasons to buy a new cargo truck. 1.- The price of buying a new cargo truck It is a fact that the price of a new truck is not the same as the one used. Although it provides a more accessible cost, it also presents maintenance problems sooner. When you buy a new cargo truck, you get long-term benefits, such as lower maintenance costs and higher resale value. 2.- Better reliability If you have a truck company and you are looking to increase the number of vehicles in your fleet, you should consider purchasing a new cargo truck. The zero kilometer models do not present maintenance problems during their first years compared to the used ones, which generate expenses in repairs as soon as you make the purchase. Just like the  equipment used for Concrete Pumping Brisbane locals attest that it has greater reliability than others who offer concrete pumping service in their area. 3.- Greater durability There are many people, as well as companies, looking to invest in cargo trucks. In addition to looking for vehicles with excellent stability and adaptability to industries, they also need to be durable. When you buy a new cargo truck, you get this benefit, since each component has been assembled with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing a long lifetime. 4.- Freedom of choice When you buy a new truck, you can select the model, the color, the load capacity and the accessories you need for the type of industry in which you work. While when you buy a used one, you have to settle for what the seller has available. It is even likely that you have to settle for a truck with an inadequate load capacity for your business, causing a deficit in the workflow. 5.- Resale value There are many reasons why a company or a natural person would sell your truck, either by necessity, to finance the purchase of a more modern or with greater load capacity. Unlike a used model, a new cargo truck has a better resale value. For example, if you put a freight truck for sale that you bought new 3 years ago, it is likely that you will recover 80% of your investment if you provided adequate maintenance. On the other hand, selling a used one has greater setbacks and losses.