Truck freight is the important transport source which is used to transport nearly 65 percent of all the cargo in United States of America which mean almost 8 to 10 billion tons per annum. There are plenty of truck freight types available, every type consisting of a important yet unique role for transporting various truck freight across the nation. Mainly the load boards make it easy to find out the required truck freight.Various companies ship different truck freights varying in contents, value and size. Do you ever surprised of how huge machines could have all their way from Kentucky factory to California warehouse of how  a simple ice cream could remain frozen while it is shipped across America? Well, it's all the greatness of truck freight and the equipment, specific trailers and needed for the dedicated women and men of the trucking industry to haul the freight.You can find your required Truck Freight depending on the loads and also based on date, location, and deadhead. You can find many apps and websites for this customized search online. Here are few trucks that are mostly used by the drivers. Flatbed Trucks These trucks are the freight truck that consists of a trailer which is open with top or no sided and is leveled off. Because of its structure it is called as flatbed and its simple design make it flexible and easy to unload and load the huge freight that otherwise can not be kept in a standard fifty three foot trailer. This truck freight is safe and secured on the flatbeds with tarps, straps as well as other strong locking devices to have the load tied down.Usually, these flatbed trucks are useful as truck freight for the oversized loads, huge manufactured parts and construction goods. The huge or oversize load will fit exactly in this truck freight that is over eight to nine feet wide. This truck requires lights and red flags to make the people on road identify the oversized truck freight coming. Step Deck Trucks Same as that flatbed trucks, even these step deck trucks also have the very similar level surface that is open. However, the difference between the flat bed truck and this step deck truck us that the step deck truck consists of a lower position which is set closest to the ground. It would let the taller truck freight to get seated lower which in turn prevent some hazards like bridge clearances.   Reefer Trucks Refrigerated trucks or Reefer trucks are the truck freight that consists of a trailer which is temperature controlled to haul the goods (such as foods) on the truck in order to remain them within a particular temperature zone at all times. These reefer trucks generally haul loads that include perishable foods. However, these trucks also moved things like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other hazmat materials from one place to other (though not all at the same time of course) Dry Vans These are most common truck freight used. They are same as standard fifty three foot trailer that you mostly see connected on the semi-truck back. Though they are not actual van, these trucks are the most common truck freight to haul them goods, offering a trailer that is protected and sealed from the elements.Few Other Types of Truck Freight include :Tanker – It is a long cylinder shaped trailer for hauling the liquids such as fuel Dump Trailer – It is the trailer that consists a lift, allowing incline feature for the for loads to be dumped Auto Carrier – it is the trailer that hauls automobiles and the other vehicles